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    Holy Shiksa! What Happened?!

    Yesterday, E had a playdate with a friend from her swim team.  The friend’s mom said, “We are having friends over for Shabbat. Can she stay for dinner?” “Sure, I said. But don’t be surprised if she only eats challah. She’s my picky eater.” I dropped E off to their house after school and thought of what I could do with A.  We landed on The Lego Movie: 2.  When it came time to pick E up, the hostess graciously invited us in to eat since the adults were still seated. G was away so I had no plans. The kids there were all happily playing. It gave me a…

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    Time Warp

    Every now and again, when I’m picking up the 100th thing of the day or putting clothes in the hamper that only I can see, something hits me. I get an image of my kids’ fleeting childhood